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Active against Cancer

Active against Cancer   

Active Against Cancer in Harrogate and districts

Location: Active Against Cancer, Hookstone Wood Road, Harrogate, HG2 8PN Phone: 01423 557924

The importance of physical activity for individuals living with cancer is well-documented and highly successful. However, access to specialized exercise programs led by trained experts is often limited, leaving many patients without suitable options.

In response to this need, we were established with initial funding from Yorkshire Cancer Research, and its impact was supported during the pilot phase. This unique service is now an integral part of cancer care in the Harrogate District and is operated by the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust. The innovative approach at Active Against Cancer places exercise at the heart of cancer care, benefiting all patients.

Beyond its role in promoting physical well-being, Active Against Cancer aims to foster a supportive community. By participating in our activities, individuals become part of a network that extends to the Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre (HSFC), where additional facilities are available.

For Jo Beagley, a cancer survivor who went through surgery and chemotherapy in 2014, physical activity became a vital aspect of her journey to recovery. Navigating the challenges of treatment, surgery, and medical procedures, Jo found solace and a sense of accomplishment in remaining active during this challenging period. Physical exercise not only contributed to her overall fitness but also played a significant role in managing the emotional aspects of her cancer journey.

Here we understand the transformative power of exercise in the lives of those affected by cancer. We are dedicated to providing a space where individuals can regain control over their physical health and well-being, offering a beacon of hope for those living with cancer in Harrogate. To learn more and join our community, please visit

Active against Cancer in Harrogate


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