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Black Sheep Brewery

Black Sheep Brewery

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Located in Masham, North Yorkshire, Black Sheep is a brewery full of soul, with a rich history and an innovative future.

Our story is one that has been told for years. When Paul Theakston made the decision to establish his own independent brewery in his home town of Masham in 1992, no one could have predicted the journey that was to unfold.

As a brewing pioneer with true Yorkshire grit and determination, he forged Black Sheep Brewery, where quality, consistency and independence come first.

Paul Theakston was the architect, and with his family, his staff and his flock of shareholders backing him, he created what has become one of the most well-known brewers in the United Kingdom.

As our name suggests, we are Black Sheep. We behave differently and are not afraid to follow what we believe in.

Set in an old maltings overlooking the town, the brewery was built using brewing kit sourced from old breweries plus a lot of heart and soul.  The very same equipment is still used to this day, brewing some of your favourite Black Sheep beers that are available across the nation.

Our award-winning range of beers is an eclectic mix of classic and modern styles as we continue to champion innovation whilst staying true to our traditional roots.

We brew beer in cask, keg, bottle, can and mini-keg and constantly strive to create beers that excite our drinkers. In what is today a very different brewing industry to what it once was, we fully embrace what is an exciting, dynamic and diverse world and will continue to do what we love. Brew great beer. Today, Black Sheep continues to champion its independence and remains with Paul Theakston’s family with his sons Rob and Jo playing key roles in the brewery’s daily operations. In 2018, Paul stepped down from the board to take up his ambassadorial role as the founder of Black Sheep and remains a vital part of the company.

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