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Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice in Harrogate

Location: Audrey Burton House, Queensway, Harrogate HG1 5LX – Phone: 01423 503591
Description : We can help with Benefits (including Universal Credit), Employment issues, Consumer problems, Rent/Landlord/Housing Issues, Foodbank access and many other advice areas:

Who we are and what we do

Navigating life’s challenges can be daunting, but Citizens Advice is dedicated to helping individuals in England and Wales find their way forward. Our commitment extends to providing reliable, impartial advice, ensuring that no one faces complex problems without the support they deserve.

Our expansive network of independent charities delivers confidential assistance online, over the phone, and in person, all at no cost. Emphasizing inclusivity, we serve everyone, and our independence ensures the trust people place in us. Additionally, we offer guidance on consumer rights through our helpline, support witnesses in court via the Witness Service, and provide pension advice to those aged over 50.

In the 2021-22 period, our impact was substantial:

  • 40.6 million visits to our website
  • 183,000 individuals assisted face to face
  • 1.96 million people reached through our phone service
  • 800,000 helped via email or webchat
  • 87,000 witnesses supported through the Witness Service

Our support extends across approximately 2,500 locations in England and Wales, with a dedicated team of 16,000 volunteers and 8,650 staff.

Beyond individual assistance, we advocate for our clients, leveraging our unique insight into diverse challenges to influence positive change. Armed with compelling evidence, we engage with large organizations and government bodies to enhance conditions for the public. Our holistic approach not only addresses immediate issues but also prevents the exacerbation of underlying problems, ultimately saving the government and public services hundreds of millions annually.

As the statutory consumer watchdog for the energy and post industries, we play a crucial role in identifying and rectifying systemic issues. Our impact is substantial, with 3 in 4 individuals directly benefiting from our advice, and a remarkable 87% recommending our services to others.

The societal impact of our service is noteworthy:

  • Directly saving government and public services at least £717 million in 2021-22
  • For every £1 spent, benefiting our clients by £14
  • Estimated value to society at £4.6 billion

For a comprehensive overview of our impact, delve into our detailed 2021-22 impact report. At Citizens Advice, we not only offer assistance but create lasting positive changes in society.

Online advice is available 24/7 at

Or you can call us and leave a message anytime, we will get back to you when we can:

Harrogate District – 01423 503591

Craven District – 01756 457222

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