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Dementia Forward

Dementia Forward find out how we can work together.

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Dementia Forward stands as the primary dementia charity for North Yorkshire, embarking on our journey in 2012 in response to the pressing need for local support services for individuals living with dementia. Over the years, we’ve extended our reach to cover the entire county, even expanding our services into the East Riding region.

What We Do:

Our North Yorkshire Helpline is a lifeline that fields up to 1,000 calls and 200 referrals each month, connecting people to our dedicated Dementia Support Advisors. Our support advisors are the first point of contact, offering initial home visits to provide valuable advice, information, and support. They continue to be the mainstay of assistance for individuals with dementia and their families. Additionally, we’re proud to have a Dementia Specialist Nurse on hand to provide psychological support and facilitate collaboration with other healthcare professionals and organizations to ensure coordinated care. Beyond this, Dementia Forward provides a range of wellbeing services, including cafes, Hub Clubs, and young onset dementia groups. We’re deeply committed to raising awareness and promoting education on dementia.

Our Reach:

Our Helpline serves the entirety of North Yorkshire, and we want to make sure that wherever you call us from, it feels like making a local call. Our support advisors are local residents, intimately familiar with the geography and local services available in your area.

Why We’re Here:

Dementia affects over 50% of the UK population in some way, with approximately 10,000 people in North Yorkshire living with this condition. But it’s not just the person with the diagnosis who’s affected; it ripples through families and the broader support network. Our vision is simple: when someone has concerns about their memory or receives a dementia diagnosis, they should continue to live well, with the full support of their families, partners, and local communities. They should feel informed, included, and empowered. This is why Dementia Forward exists, and after a decade, we remain dedicated to expanding and improving the services we provide.

Ways You Can Support Us:

  1. Fundraise for Us: Consider choosing us as your Charity of the Year or organizing fundraising events to support a local cause. We’re here to help with fundraising ideas and promote any challenges or events you plan.
  2. Sponsor an Event: Let’s discuss how your business can sponsor our events or services that align with your values, offering opportunities to promote your company while contributing to our cause.
  3. Payroll Giving: If your company offers payroll giving, encourage your staff to donate to Dementia Forward. Check our website’s Donations section for more information.
  4. Raffle Prizes: Donations of products, vouchers, signed goods, or experiences make fantastic raffle prizes and greatly boost our ticket sales. This is also an excellent way to showcase your business offerings.
  5. Volunteering: If your staff have volunteering days or free time during the week, let’s explore how you can contribute to our work. We’ll help you find an ideal role based on your skills and interests.
  6. Donate: There are numerous ways to donate to Dementia Forward. You can send us a check, visit our website, or simply text SUPPORTDF followed by your donation amount to 70085 to make a contribution.
  7. Training: We actively collaborate with communities and businesses to provide guidance and dementia awareness training. Being dementia-aware benefits both customers and businesses, enhancing brand reputation, customer loyalty, and revenue. It’s also a positive way to support staff affected by dementia.

If you’d like to explore any of the above options or have your unique ideas to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at 01765 601224 or email We sincerely appreciate your support in advance.”

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