dental services in knaresborough

Dental services in knaresborough

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Castle Dental Practice0

Castle Dental Practice

Business: Castle Dental Practice

Phone: 01423 865149

Description: Welcome to Castle Dental. We are a long-established, friendly private practice situated in the centre of Knaresborough. We offer a wide range of general dental services incorporating the latest advances in technology and materials, to include Invisalign, tooth whitening and implant treatments.

Castle Dental Practice

Dr J.J. Scarlett BChD LDS, RCS MFGDP0

Dr J.J. Scarlett BChD LDS, RCS MFGDP

Business: Dr J.J. Scarlett BChD LDS, RCS MFGDP

Phone: 01423 862571

Description: Welcome to our Dental Practice Website, We look forward to providing you with a high quality service and a  commitment to preventative dental care.

In dentistry, prevention is always better than the cure and protecting your teeth minimises the amount of dental treatment you should need. So we're placing great emphasis on preventive dental care, working closely with you to protect your teeth.

Dr J.J. Scarlett BChD LDS, RCS MFGDP

mydentist, Castle Yard, Knaresborough0

mydentist, Castle Yard, Knaresborough

Business: mydentist, Castle Yard, Knaresborough

Phone: 01423 862506

Description: Welcome to mydentist, castle yard, knaresborough. From teething toddlers to denture wearers, our practice caters for all. Along with the full range of NHS dental services, you'll find a great selection of cosmetic treatments, including tooth whitening and dentures.

mydentist, Castle Yard, Knaresborough

Radiant Dental Laboratory0

Radiant Dental Laboratory

Business: Radiant Dental Laboratory

Phone: 01423 869412

Description: Dental Laboratory Radiant Dental Lab is an independent laboratory that specialises in crown and bridge dental appliances. Based in Knaresborough, we offer some of the highest quality Crown and bridge appliances available and a range of vacuum-formed appliances. We offer collection and delivery services subject to location and also offer a free-post service if a collection is unavailable in your area. Unlike other labs, we only offer two price ranges, as we do not believe in producing lower quality appliances.

Radiant Dental Laboratory

Purely Dental Care Ltd0

Purely Dental Care Ltd

Business: tal Care Ltd

Phone: 01423 863069

Description: We have a passion for prevention! Our goal is to keep teeth and gums healthy with minimal invasive treatment. This helps people live longer and cut costs in the long-term. We provide personalised private dental care that’s completely right for you. We’re not restricted by NHS targets focusing on treatment numbers and quick-fix fillings..

Purely Dental Care Ltd

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