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Harrogate Entertaiment0

Harrogate Entertaiment

Business: Harrogate Entertaiment

Phone: 01423 500500

Description: Harrogate Entertainment from touring theatre and stand-up comedy, to concerts and world famous international festivals, Harrogate is home to some of the hottest tickets in town year after year.

With just around three million residents within an hour’s drive and five million visit Harrogate District each year with 300,000 making their way to our venues, so you can see why we’re on the touring circuit for top artists. Check out our wonderful lineup just go to our website.

Harrogate Entertaiment

Harrogate Theatre0

Harrogate Theatre

Business: Harrogate Theatre

Phone: 01423502116

Description: At Harrogate Theatre we face ongoing challenges in terms of physical building access. There are 42 steps to our Studio Theatre space and no current method to avoid stepped access to certain spaces within the building.

It’s a complex and frustrating issue and one that is shrouded in significant financial challenge. Our building is grade II listed and is owned by Harrogate Borough Council. We are working on it and we are committed to evolving the situation for the benefit of everyone in our community.

There are no shortcuts to the main solutions here, but compromises can be achieved by thinking different: Our team has been working hard on outreach programming in step-free spaces. This is one of the ways we are addressing physical accessibility for our work as well as drawing new audiences to theatre and building new partnerships out in our wonderful community.

Harrogate Theatre

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