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Harrogate Homeless Project

Harrogate Homeless Project – provides people experiencing homelessness with a safe place to stay and the support they need to build confidence and move towards independent living.

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Springboard Day Centre: At our Springboard Day Centre, we offer a comprehensive array of support services. This includes providing nourishing meals, access to showers and laundry facilities, skill-building workshops, engaging activities, psychotherapy, as well as medical and therapeutic assistance. Our dedicated staff is readily available to help individuals with their housing situations, offer practical guidance on applications, and connect them with other vital services.

No Second Night Out: In our “No Second Night Out” program, we provide five emergency bunk beds to offer a safe haven for people experiencing homelessness. Here, we assess their immediate needs and offer advice, guidance, and support to steer them away from rough sleeping. Our goal is to provide sustainable accommodation through our resettlement pathway.

Bower Street Hostel: Our Bower Street Hostel offers accommodation for up to 16 individuals in single rooms. Serving as the sole direct access hostel in the Harrogate District, we accept referrals from Harrogate Borough Council and self-referrals from individuals in need of shelter. Each resident is paired with a designated support worker who collaborates with them to work toward suitable long-term housing solutions.

Move-On Accommodation: Our move-on accommodation is designed to provide extended support to individuals who may not yet be ready for fully independent living. This includes a 3-bedroom house in Harrogate and 8 self-contained flats as part of our pathway from homelessness to independent living. Residents are paired with support workers and can live semi-independently, knowing that assistance is readily available.

Psychotherapy Services: As part of our commitment to holistic support, we employ a dedicated Psychotherapist who delivers a flexible and innovative therapy service for clients of HHP services. This service is vital, given that many of our clients have complex needs, and the waiting lists and criteria for mainstream services can be a significant barrier to them receiving the support they require.

Harrogate Homeless Project is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those facing homelessness, and we remain steadfast in our mission to provide assistance, shelter, and support to those in need.

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