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Claritas Therapy0

Claritas Therapy

Business: Claritas Therapy

Phone: 07757 670648

Description: Hypnotherapy could be your answer. It could address many of your concerns

Claritas Therapy

Flourish Hypnotherapy0

Flourish Hypnotherapy

Business: Flourish Hypnotherapy

Phone: 07932 102663

Description: Want to set yourself free? Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, stress, fears and phobias and unwanted habits. Our reactions to work or relationship issues and conditions such as IBS, skin disorders and pain can also respond well to hypnotherapy. - The journey starts here.

Flourish Hypnotherapy

Harrogate Hypnotherapy0

Harrogate Hypnotherapy

Business: Harrogate Hypnotherapy

Phone: 01423 521188

Description: Welcome to the Free Your Mind Therapy. We offer a variety of services and therapies that can potentially help with a wide range of issues. Please take your time to browse this site: We've tried to give as much information as possible in the space available, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us for information.

Harrogate Hypnotherapy

Margaret Depetro Therapies0

Margaret Depetro Therapies

Business: Margaret Depetro Therapies

Phone: 07769 721835

Description: Hypnotherapy service in Ripon, England

Margaret Depetro Therapies

Martin Lancaster Hypnotherapy0

Martin Lancaster Hypnotherapy

Business: Martin Lancaster Hypnotherapy

Phone: 07736 972491

Description: Welcome to Martin Lancaster Hypnotherapy There is really no need to live with that issue that is bothering you. Call me, Martin Lancaster PDHyp and let's see how I can help. Based in my own office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and with over ten years in practice, I can help with a wide range of issues from stress and anxiety, phobias to weight loss and addictions. And much more! For more details of Hypnotherapy in Harrogate and to discuss your individual circumstances, call me today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Martin Lancaster Hypnotherapy

Patti Hemmings Acupuncturist & Hypnotherapist0

Patti Hemmings Acupuncturist & Hypnotherapist

Business: Patti Hemmings Acupuncturist & Hypnotherapist

Phone: 07787 831275

Description: I am a caring and enthusiastic Complementary therapist, Acupuncturist  & Yoga teacher and have been in full time practice since December 1999. - I offer a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive service to every individual regardless of race, gender, age or sexual orientation.

Patti Hemmings Acupuncturist & Hypnotherapist

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