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Knaresborough Castle Ravens

Knaresborough Castle Ravens the history story below is that I have researched on the internet and in libraries. This is hopefully correct, however, history sometimes differs in the views of different historians. Should you find any errors, anything I might have missed or indeed anything  I can include or research please email

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The History of Ravens at Knaresborough Castle

Explore the fascinating history of the beloved ravens, Ravenelf and Raven Gabriel, at Knaresborough Castle. Learn how their presence became an enduring symbol of the castle’s rich heritage.

In recent years, Knaresborough Castle has gained notoriety for its resident ravens, with Ravenelf and the late HM Raven Gabriel becoming iconic symbols of this historic landmark. Their journey began during the 2000 celebrations, initially intended as a temporary presence. However, their popularity surged, even gaining the approval of Prince Charles for an extended stay, a process that took a decade to secure.

Knaresborough Castle, a royal fortress with a history dating back to the times of King John, King Edward II, and King Edward III, might surprise visitors due to its affiliation with the Duchy of Lancaster property, a connection to the Tudor dynasty rather than modern counties.

In 1999, a raven named after a character from a children’s book found its home in Knaresborough, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Cope, the raven master at the Tower of London. This endeavor aimed to engage local children with the region’s historical sites, including the castle, The House in the Rock, The Chapel of the Lady of the Crag, and Saint Robert’s Cave.

Ravenelf, the first raven and the inspiration behind a children’s book holds a special place in the story. Now 16 years old, she’s a survivor, having endured two broken legs. Ravenelf continues to charm with her ability to mimic human speech, making her a unique and cherished member of the Knaresborough Castle Ravens.

Raven Vivian, introduced as a young chick from the Tropical Wings animal park in Chelmsford, has added a new dimension to the raven community. Although challenges have arisen, there’s hope for their future expansion and preservation efforts.

Mongo and Mortimer, beloved ravens with a heartwarming story of companionship, found refuge at Knaresborough Castle, providing them with the care and attention they deserve. Their unique journey is a testament to resilience and compassion.

Knaresborough Castle Ravens

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