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Description: WoW Words is launching its new elite Language Learning Lab this month. The programme is specially designed for professionals and entrepreneurs looking to gain new skills for their careers or businesses.

Our qualified expert teachers are ready and raring to go and we at WoW Words can't wait to get started with this next step on our journey. We often have clients asking us how they can learn to improve their own linguistic abilities. Now we can do something for them.

What learning a new language can do for you

Learning a new language can change your life, your career and your business. Perhaps even all three!

It gives you a big edge in the business world, as mentioned in this month's blog. One person in a business with knowledge of a language can open up a whole range of new markets or build close connections with foreign stakeholders.

Career-wise, if you can connect your organisation to big foreign-language opportunities, you become incredibly valuable. In fact, a new language adds value to more careers than almost any other skill, connecting you to more people and opportunities.

On a personal level, learning a language offers so much. The sense of achievement is immense and the opportunities for further development and enjoyment are numerous. Find out

What can a language do for a company - in numbers?

20 - Number of national markets Spanish-speakers can reach.

52% - Percentage of the EU's wealth held by French and German speakers.

1 billion+ - Number of Mandarin Chinese speakers to reach out to.

How and Why to Learn a New Language

This month's WoW Words Blog tells you why learning a new language can be a huge benefit to your business or career. We discuss the ability to communicate, negotiate and build trust with customers and stakeholders by talking to them in their own language, as well as the access to new opportunities offered.

There are also a few basic tips on learning for yourself and the importance of adapting to your personal abilities or having a teacher that does so.
You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.” - Czech ProverbS každým novým jazykem, kterým mluvíte, žijete nový život. Pokud známe jenom jeden jazyk, žijete jen jednou.

Learn a language and develop your prospects at the  Language Learning Lab

The Language Learning Lab offers professionals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their language skills in sync with their career goals.

Learn one-on-one from expert teachers with focused experience in professionally oriented language teaching.








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