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Local Weather from the Met Office

Local Weather Updates

Local Weather Updates


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Right across the world, every single day, people make decisions based on the weather and our changing climate.

We combine weather and climate science and data with expert insights to help with those decisions, ensuring people can stay safe, healthy, and prosperous.

Our work is rooted in world-leading science and enhanced by our strong partnerships globally. Each day, we gather and analyze massive amounts of data using cutting-edge technology, delivering vital information to those who need it, when it matters most.

We are the Met Office. This is world-changing work.

Our Work – Nationally and Globally

Since our foundation in 1854, we’ve pioneered meteorology and its applications, earning a reputation for pushing the boundaries of scientific, technological, and operational expertise. We continue this legacy to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

As the UK’s national meteorological service, we are at the heart of the UK’s weather, responsible for public weather services. We operate an extensive observations network and supercomputing technology essential for accurate weather forecasts. We’re the force behind many of the forecasts you see on TV, websites, smartphone apps, and the UK’s weather warnings. In fact, our weather data powers many of your favorite weather sources.

Nationally, we assist government, businesses, emergency responders, and the public in making informed decisions. Our expert meteorologists tailor forecasts and weather warnings to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations, ensuring maximum impact. Through collaboration with international organizations, we advance global understanding of our changing climate. Our groundbreaking research underpins critical services vital for UK resilience, supporting communities, industry, and government to better prepare for future climate risks.

Our Expertise – Scientific, Technological, and Operational

We deliver our services through exceptional scientific, technological, and operational expertise.

Our supercomputer, one of the most powerful of its kind, can perform 14,000 trillion arithmetic operations each second. Looking to the future, our investment in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will help us tackle grand challenges.

Behind all our achievements is a team of dedicated professionals working with you to deliver extraordinary impact, making us a leading and widely trusted forecaster worldwide.

Our team of weather and climate experts plays a critical role in interpreting our data, transforming it into insights and advice that, in extreme circumstances, save lives. Without them, our work wouldn’t be possible.

We are the Met Office. This is who we are. This is world-changing work.

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