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Rememberance Day in Harrogate

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Harrogate 10th November 2024

Remembrance Day Parades, Services, and Events in Harrogate and districts

Harrogate Grammar School – Thursday, November 7:

Harrogate Grammar School is set to host its annual Remembrance event, offering students and the public a profound opportunity to immerse themselves in the stories of the Unknown Heroes. Through a fusion of art, music, drama, and readings, this event creates a vivid tapestry of remembrance. Notably, this event is open to all, and tickets are not a prerequisite for attendance.

Cenotaph in Harrogate Town Centre – Remembrance Sunday, November 12:

On Remembrance Sunday, the Cenotaph in Harrogate town centre stands as the solemn focal point. At 10:30 am, a heartfelt parade and wreath-laying ceremony are poised to draw a considerable crowd, uniting the community in a poignant moment of remembrance.

Harrogate’s War Memorial – Throughout the Year:

In 2023, we mark the centenary of Harrogate’s War Memorial. To honor this milestone, a grand exhibition and a comprehensive program of events will unfold, delving into the lives behind the names etched on the monument. This commemoration will explore how two world wars reshaped Britain, accompanied by film screenings, musical performances, and enlightening talks by historians.

Stonefall Cemetery – Remembrance Sunday, 1 pm:

At 1 pm on Remembrance Sunday, Stonefall Cemetery will host a deeply moving service. Wreaths will be tenderly laid by Andrew Jones MP, the Harrogate Mayoress, and representatives from the Army Foundation College, ensuring that our heroes are remembered with the utmost reverence.

Starbeck War Memorial – Remembrance Sunday, 3 pm:

The hallowed grounds of Starbeck’s War Memorial will embrace a ceremony at 3 pm on Remembrance Sunday. Attendees will include Starbeck Primary Academy, representatives from the Royal British Legion, and uniformed cadets, collectively commemorating the sacrifices made by those who served our nation.


Poppy Project Concert – Thursday, November 9, 7 pm at Ripon Cathedral:

A special concert at Ripon Cathedral promises a memorable evening on November 9, featuring performances by renowned artists such as Ripon City Band, The Dishforth Military Wives Choir, and Brackenfield School. Tickets for this unforgettable event are available at £13.50, and the proceeds will support the Ripon Community Poppy Project, enhancing community events throughout the city’s calendar.

Remembrance Day Observance at Ripon Cathedral – Saturday, November 11, 10:55 am-11:10 am:

A moment of solemn Remembrance Day Observance will unfold at Ripon Cathedral on November 11, from 10:55 am to 11:10 am, providing a poignant opportunity for reflection.

Ripon Spa Gardens – Remembrance Sunday, November 12, 10:30 am (11 am start):

The annual Remembrance Sunday service at Ripon Spa Gardens, commencing at 11 am with wreath-laying and a profound two-minute silence, stands as a poignant tribute to the sacrifices made by those who served our nation.

These meticulously arranged events offer a diverse tapestry of opportunities for our community to pay tribute to the heroes of the past and contemplate the profound significance of Remembrance Day.

This Sunday is a poignant and nationally observed occasion dedicated to honoring the unwavering service and profound sacrifices made by those who have defended our cherished freedoms and safeguarded our way of life. It is a day of remembrance for the valiant Armed Forces and their families, not only from Britain but also from the broader Commonwealth. Additionally, we reflect upon the indispensable contributions of the emergency services and commemorate those who have tragically lost their lives due to conflicts or acts of terrorism.

The pinnacle of this solemn commemoration is the National Service of Remembrance, which takes place at the revered Cenotaph in Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday. This solemn gathering serves as a tangible symbol of gratitude to all who have served and given their all. It brings together British and Commonwealth soldiers, sailors, airmen, and women, standing shoulder to shoulder with the dedicated members of the emergency services and civilians who have shown extraordinary courage. This ceremony ensures that no one’s sacrifices are ever forgotten.

The National Service of Remembrance witnesses the presence of not only the Royal Family but also key figures from the Cabinet, Opposition Party leaders, former Prime Ministers, the Mayor of London, and other esteemed ministers. This collective tribute underscores the significance of this day in our national conscience.

Moreover, this ceremony is a gathering of representatives from the Armed Forces, Fishing Fleets, Merchant Air, Navy, as well as various faith communities and High Commissioners of Commonwealth countries. It unites people from diverse backgrounds in a shared moment of remembrance, reinforcing the bonds of unity and gratitude that transcend boundaries.


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