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History of Ripon

Retreats and Well Being

Yorkshire Retreats – Visit the website here

Location: Harrogate – Phone: 07775 926082

Enhance Your Well-being in the Serene Yorkshire Countryside

Discover a profound sense of inner peace as you stroll through the breathtaking Yorkshire countryside. Commence and conclude each day with invigorating yoga sessions, quiet contemplation, and meditation.

Walking and Yoga Retreats

Escape the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Unwind, relax, find solace, reflect, rejuvenate, share laughter, and connect with like-minded souls.

Choose a retreat that suits your preferences, ranging from three to seven days, with options tailored to various fitness levels and abilities.

Long-distance Paths

For the adventurous spirit, embark on an exciting journey along a long-distance path that spans up to two weeks. Challenge yourself with full support and all logistical arrangements taken care of; you just need to invest some time in preparation.

Bespoke Retreats

Celebrate special occasions in style with our bespoke retreats. We’ll handle all the details, allowing you to savor unforgettable moments with your dearest friends. Share your interests, discover hidden gems, and engage in featured activities while we create the perfect setting for lasting memories.

Nature’s Healing Power

Nature possesses incredible healing qualities.

Immerse yourself in the elements, relishing each season’s unique charms. Inhale the earth’s scent, observe the daily activities of mammals, birds, and insects, and listen to the symphony of life. Let the majestic views soothe your soul and relax in harmony with nature.

Embrace Stillness

In our hectic lives, we all need moments of stillness.

Embrace the tranquility of the present moment, observing your thoughts and feelings without concern for the past or future. Let go of worries and be fully present in the now.

Local Wonders

Reconnect with your surroundings.

Gain access to special places like abbeys, waterfalls, secluded beaches and coves, private homes, local enterprises, moorland, rivers, ancient pathways, follies, and magnificent structures.

Engaging Activities

Stay active and experience the extraordinary.

Partake in daily walks, invigorate your body with morning yoga, unwind with evening yoga sessions, and engage in optional coaching sessions. Explore special events like drawing and sketching, dancing and singing, or enjoy family time with your beloved dogs.

Accommodation Choices

Experience the essence of the region.

Our accommodations vary based on the retreat, from luxurious venues and historic buildings to cozy cottages, basic bunkhouses, camping pods, and traditional camping. Find the perfect setting that complements your retreat experience.

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