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Visit North Yorkshire

Visit North Yorkshire

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Explore North Yorkshire: North Yorkshire is the largest non-metropolitan county in England, spanning across 8,654 square kilometers. It boasts breathtaking landscapes, with approximately 40% of the county designated as national parks, including the stunning Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

Welcome to Visiting North Yorkshire, your one-stop destination for planning your visit to this incredible county. The geological diversity of North Yorkshire is mirrored in its picturesque scenery. You’ll find the North York Moors and most of the Yorkshire Dales within its borders, both officially recognized as national parks. Between these natural wonders lie the Vales of Mowbray and York, with the Tees Lowlands to the north and the Vale of Pickering to the south. The county’s eastern edge meets the North Sea, and its highest point is Whernside, reaching 736 meters.

North Yorkshire is blessed with two major rivers, the River Swale and the River Ure, which converge to form the River Ouse, flowing through York and into the Humber Estuary. The River Tees forms a part of the border with County Durham, while the River Wharfe marks much of the southern boundary, also joining the Ouse within the county.

For easy navigation, visit the Visiting North Yorkshire website. Here, you’ll find information on accommodation, dining options, local events, tourist attractions, health centers, and much more.

Now, let’s explore Skipton: Skipton is a town with a rich history and vibrant culture. It’s known as the “sheep-town,” a name dating back to the Domesday Book of 1086. During the English Civil War and both World Wars, Skipton played significant roles, even hosting prisoner of war camps.

Skipton Castle, originally constructed in 1090, has a remarkable history. It started as a wooden motte-and-bailey structure and was later strengthened with a stone keep. The castle, one of the best-preserved medieval castles in England, is now open to the public.

High Corn Mill, one of North Yorkshire’s oldest mills, dates back to 1310 and was initially owned by Robert de Clifford. Today, the mill has undergone extensive renovation, turning the old mill buildings into flats.

Over time, Skipton transformed into a thriving market town, trading sheep and woolen goods. The town’s market, which has existed since its early days, still thrives today. In the 19th century, Skipton became a small mill town, connected to major cities by canals. However, in the 20th century, it transitioned into a tourist destination, capitalizing on its historical architecture and proximity to the Yorkshire Dales. In 2016, it was even voted the best place to live in England by the Sunday Times for the second time, a testament to its charm and appeal.

Plan your visit to Skipton by exploring the various links provided, whether you’re interested in food and drink, shopping, accommodation, or discovering local attractions. Enjoy your journey through North Yorkshire and Skipton!

You can find out more at Skipton Tourist Information Centre in the Town Hall, tel: 01756 792809

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Visit North Yorkshire

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