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Yorkshire Wine Trail

Yorkshire Wine Trail

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Established in 1985, Leventhorpe re-introduced commercial wine-growing to Yorkshire. The five acre vineyard is situated within Leeds City boundary although the area certainly isn’t new to wines!




Nothing quite prepares you for your first encounter with Carlton Towers. Hidden away in a quiet corner of rural Yorkshire, it combines history and beauty on an epic scale.


Born from a passion for developing the vines and grapes to produce the best quality wine. Laurel Vines are committed to producing quality wines and is family owned and run, with everyone playing a part in the vine growing, picking and the wine production.


The United Kingdom is a major consumer of wine, but a minor though growing producer. Wine production in the UK has historically been perceived as less than ideal due to the cold climate, but warmer summers and grapes adapted to these conditions have played a role in increasing investment and sale of wines. Most is English sparkling wine, from vineyards across Southern England and Wales where the climate is warmer than that of northern areas. Vineyards are becoming more commonplace in counties such as Essex, Sussex and Kent, where more varieties of wine can be produced due to the drier and warmer climate.

The chalk limestone soils of Sussex, Kent and other portions of southern England are suitable for growing the grapes used to produce sparkling wine, and particularly on south-facing slopes, the climate, at least in recent years, is warm enough. At the last official count, the Wine Standards Board reported that there were just over 450 vineyards producing wine throughout England. The largest of these is Chapel Down in Kent, as of mid-2018 when they became the largest winery and vineyard in England.

English wine is registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in the EU and the UK. The term may only be used for wine produced in conformation of the standards and using grapes grown in England at a maximum altitude of 220 m above sea level.

English regional wine is registered as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in the EU and the UK. The designation is limited to wine produced from grapes grown in England, although production does not have to be within a certain area. The product must conform to restrictions regarding alcohol content, acidification and sweetening.

Sussex is registered as a Protected Designation of Origin in the UK. It is limited to wine produced from grapes grown in East and West Sussex. The wine should consist mainly of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier grapes, normally produced at 12 tonnes per hectares (with a maximum of 14 tonnes per hectare). The wine is available as a still wine and a sparkling wine.The most northerly commercially producing vineyard is in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Wine Trail

Yorkshire Dales


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